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Setting-Up a Facebook Business Page: What to Know

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    December 22, 2010 9:01 PM EST

    Agreed, and as I point out in my latest article here, this direct engagement with customers as a business/brand owner can be like a balancing act on a tight wire. What I mean is, we business owners have to realize the speed and potential of Facebook. This can act as a positive or negative force; hence the need to identify opportunities and pitfalls before you actually set up a Facebook business page.

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    CT on Twitter

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    December 20, 2010 4:18 AM EST

    Here are some notes I took from a recently attended Facebook marketing webinar:

    Like Button (this is key!)

    • Facebook in affect gives you free advertising when someone "likes" your page
    • Example: 500 fans equal 65,000 thru facebook system
    • Example: Crowds act like sheep
    • You are now drawing in a crowd of connected people
    • The BEST traffic comes when its referred

    Average value of Facebook Fan $136.38 ... FB has over 500,000 million ppl (26% of all internet traffic worldwide) averaging 55 minutes a day on Facebook

    Wow, no wonder companies like Toyota (who took a major hit this yr) are promoting their Facebook page via national TV ad campaign.

    More great info like this on Crowd Conversion.

    Chas T.
    "You can always better your best."

    CT on Twitter

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    October 30, 2010 2:31 PM EDT

    Also everyone likes to click "Likes" if they saw something that catch their interest. It's much easier for them to like than joining groups.

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    December 25, 2010 10:47 PM EST

    I agree to that as well. Knowing your niche and target audience will give you more benefits. Having the quality will maintain it for longer terms.

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    March 23, 2009 5:07 AM EDT
    I made a seperate page just to keep my personal stuff seperate. I think the trick is no have two names, just like a person would put a first and last name. My company name is The Drapery Lady but my face book is Drapery Lady. within that profile I set up a group and became a member and have followers. also on my personal page I made a page and have fans on there. Those are mostly friends and family. So far so good.
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    Elisa Irvolino
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    June 11, 2009 7:09 AM EDT
    Hey guys,

    Great site!

    Can you help me with this scenario?  I created a Facebook page for a client before they had "business" accounts.  Therefore it is set up like a personal account.

    1) Did I transgress any Facebook rules?
    2) Is there really any difference in the types of accounts?
    3) Can I somehow switch this to a business account?
    4) Will I lose all of the info on the current account?

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

    JoePa6/11/2009 12:22 PM

    Shawn Devlin
    Rockwall Data Systems

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    May 17, 2011 5:14 AM EDT

    @kgibson88 - I am beginning to work with some insurance agents and I am told that 2/3 of their new leads are coming through their fb page. The key is to keep your page interesting and engaging to get people coming back. It definitely takes time and effort, but there are people out there (me!) who are willing to set-up and run your page for a small price.

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    December 3, 2009 11:33 PM EST

    Facebook pages and groups are cute - but the bottom line is that people visit them a few times and never come back.  Also conversions from Facebook pages are not that great - at least from the many companies that I know of who have tons of fans but hardly no traffic from these pages to their websites.

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    June 16, 2011 8:34 PM EDT
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    July 10, 2010 8:32 AM EDT
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    March 20, 2009 7:48 AM EDT
    Okay, thanks for the tip. What I would really like to do is have my business name as the facebook page name. I know it is possible because people are doing it. (An example: search for "boutique" or "store" on friends finder) All these businesses have their names on the facebook page and can add friends and then when they put an update on their wall, all their "friends" who are really their customers, they get an email update just like a regular facebook. Does anyone know how this is done? I`ve tried and tried and can`t seem to get it!
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    September 1, 2009 4:19 PM EDT

    I may have overlooked this in the FAQ, but is it possible to start more than one business page? I partner in two businesses, and I'd like to start a page for each of them. Can I do them both from my one account, and also will people know they are both mine? I'd like it to not be real obvious, as one has nothing to do with the other and it would just look out of place.


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    December 10, 2010 4:33 PM EST

    I have a new local company page. I, nor people who like our page, can see the "number of friends like" box for our page. We have the number of likes, but not the additional box that list frinds of the person logged in viewing the page. I know it's possible...all other pages have it. Any suggestions? I can't find any answers at all on Facebooks help. I really need help with this one!

  • November 19, 2007 5:30 AM EST

    Facebook now allows users to create dedicated "pages" for businesses, products, brands, etc. I setup our page this weekend and thought I would share some insights for those thinking about doing this.

    1. You will need a personal Facebook account to setup a business page. The reason is that business pages are managed and created from within your personal account as well as accessed via your personal login. So if you try to setup a business page first--which you can--you will actually be going through both setups at the same time. I was unaware of this and was a little confused that it kept asking for my personal information. My advice would be to setup your personal page first then add your business page afterwords.

    2. Once I realized I had created both personal and business profiles I tried searching for my newly created busisness page. It would not come up in my search results. To fix this you need to become a "fan" of your business page. Apparently without any fans your page can`t be seen when you search.

    3. Setting up the biz page is easy with relevant fields for your company description, mission, products, founded date, etc.

    4. Groups vs Pages: Pages are new, but many companies have already setup groups for their product or business. I had found a few that had both a group and a newly created business page, which to me seems redundant. The key benefit of pages is the ability to access the new Facebook ad platform, which is pretty cool and described below:

    5. Focused Ads: I only played around with this for a few minutes but it seems like a pretty cool way to focus your ad dollars. From your business page you can create a capaign which allows you to pinpoint demographic info, location, keywords, etc for your campaign. When you fill this information in Facebook calculates the potential number of users that fit your target profile. For example, Single, male, age 25-35, graduated from x college, lives in x state, has keyword interest like wine, wine drinking, red wine, etc, might show 5,000 users. Change a variable, and the user number is automatically recalcuated. Your ad will only go to this group of users.

    Next step is to set your daily budget and how much your willing to pay per click through. High bids gives you better exposure. I might try a small experiment in the future to see how this works. I have read some folks getting good results at $.20 - $.50 per click. Overall, a pretty cool system.

    5. I was very surprised how many other business in my industry--mostly Wine 2.0 folks and other bloggers--were setup on Facebook. I made several connections in just a few days. Not to mention, all my other freinds, associates, etc, that have pages and who will become part of our viral network. 

    I wold love to hear others thoughts about how they are using Facebook.

    Jeremy Cote
    Covered Bridge Cellars, LLC

  • November 20, 2007 5:09 AM EST

    Here is something else to consider, from

    "Facebook’s unique audience grew by 1.5 million people in October, according to a report released this week by Nielsen Online. That’s five times the rate of larger rival MySpace, which grew by about 300,000.

    If the numbers are accurate, it means Facebook, the second-largest social network, continued its surge. MySpace logged 58.8 million unique visitors in October, up 19 percent from a year before; Facebook logged 19.5 million, up 125 percent."

    Your a stats guy so I`m sure you see the appeal of FB. 

    : )

    Jeremy Cote
    Covered Bridge Cellars, LLC

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    October 30, 2010 1:38 AM EDT

    There is no denying the significance of facebook in today's world of internet marketing. Facebook marketing is not a costly affair as compared to some other forms of traditional marketing. But that same time you have to be active with your marketing on facebook and regular updates with emphasis on promoting your products or services in the right areas. You need to have more fans for your ad that will help you spread the word around.

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    June 26, 2010 8:34 AM EDT

    Thanks for this info!! I was trying to figure out why I all of a sudden had a personal page and I could ONLY sign in to that.  I just want a business page, but, oh well... here I go exposing myself to the world.  I wish you could create a business only account as I do not have time or interest in a personal one, I have only 24 hours in a day.  Thanks again for the info, and glad to become a new member here!!  I hope to use this site to learn and share info as I have just recently opened up a new business in Corning, NY.

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    June 10, 2010 2:44 PM EDT

    Just researching the business page and ran across your posting.  Great information now I will see if I can get this page up and running without much fuss.

    Thank you for sharing Jeremy, :)

    Shelley Peterson,

    Simply Caring Foundation

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    December 29, 2009 12:34 AM EST

    I know that exposure is always good for business, but has anyone found that Facebook (and other social media sites) have directly resulted in increased sales?  I have very limited time, and these social media sites seem to take a lot of time and effort.  Any thoughts??


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    May 3, 2012 1:58 PM EDT

    Hiring a web designer to take care of your banners is a great idea. You can never do enough in order to give the best image you can, right?

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    May 29, 2011 7:48 AM EDT

    Thanks for the Facebook business page tips.It`s cool to see Facebook embrace the business marketing aspect of social networks.

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    July 20, 2009 8:56 AM EDT

    i thought that having multiple accounts in facebook was not allowed?

    megana7/20/2009 1:50 PM
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    March 23, 2011 1:43 AM EDT


    Thank you very much for this post. I helped a lot in setting our business' facebook profile.

    Now I wonder, how can i get people to "like" our page? :)


    Ken Mark Turf

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    May 26, 2011 2:26 AM EDT

    Please notice that if you use a personal profile for your company to communicate with your customers you take a risk to be banned by Facebook. You have to use facebook page only for these puproses

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    July 16, 2009 1:57 AM EDT
    Hey guys!
    Does anyone know how add Picasa Tab on Facebook business page?
    I will be appreciate for any help!