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Truck load or LTL

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    December 12, 2008 1:55 PM EST
    Nice article. What kind of equipment are you moving? Vans, reefers?
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    January 15, 2008 11:48 AM EST
    I`m Jaymie w/ Landstar Carrier Group, A total transportation co.
    Have you ever shipped with Landstar before? No...
     We work with companies like Ingersoll Rand, John Deere, & Kohl`s & have helped them to maximize the logistics of their companies.
    Do you ship LtL or Truck Load? Great!
    Shipping LTL is as easy as the click of a mouse our innovative web-based solutions put you incharge of your transportation costs, You decide which carriers to use with our pre-negotiated rates, to build your own customized solutions, track and trace your shipments so you know where your freight is every step of the way.
    If your shipping by truck load once a month or 100 times a week, We can get your freight picked up and delivered where and how you want it.  With just a phone call we will handle all the paper work and treat your freight as our own .. after all we just want to be an extension of your company ...
    We can handle Van, Flat, Step, heavy haul and super size loads
    We don`t want to replace your current carrier just compliment them.
    If there are any lanes you are having difficulties getting covered, more information on available equipment or would like a rate quote give me a call!
    Jaymie Dameron
    Landstar Carrier Group
    704-729-6238 office
    704-629-7512 fax