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Clothing + Product Manuf

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    March 12, 2012 5:20 AM EDT

    Here is something you can do that is quick and simple.  Go to a local fabric store and buy several of their pattern kits.  You should find the name of the company that put out the kit on the package or inside.  Then talk to the storeowner while you make the purchase.  He may have some leads for you. Do the same thing at your local dress shop.

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    March 7, 2012 6:43 AM EST

    A Stitch in Time is a full-service clothing manufacturer located in Peru with USA offices in Virginia. We manufacture in Lima, but we are here to go over the whole manufacturing process with you.

    Our website is   Our minimum orders starts are 60 pieces. We manufacture women’s, men’s and children clothing.

    The average cost of a sample is about $40-80.     We are happy to send you some samples of materials and blends we use so you can touch and feel the quality of what’s available to us, and then to you.

    We have access to luxurious pima cotton knits, poplin, satin, jersey cotton, organic cottons and many more. We do screen-prints, embroidery with thread and sequins.

    We also can professionally print any design you want on most fabrics with very small minimums. This will allow you make beautiful collections just like you see in designer stores.

    Contact us at 703 635 6182 From 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern time

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    September 20, 2010 10:50 AM EDT

    I'm working on three projects -- one is women's clothing, one is handbag-related and the third is a product package design -- where I need to find someone who can execute my ideas into a pattern or a blueprint (in the case of the product) so I could have a prototype. I have no idea how to look for such people. Am I looking for a tailor, in the case of the clothing or am I looking for a designer? Same for the handbag? And for the product package, do I need an industrial designer or a manufacturer? Any insights would be great. Thanks.

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  • October 4, 2010 4:57 AM EDT

    You should be looking for a pattern maker. "Pattern maker" is an archaic job title to describe a product design engineer in the apparel industry.

    Tailors will certainly be more accessible but keep in mind that they largely do MTM or made to measure for individual clients. To manufacture, your patterns must withstand a higher barre that comply with production standards and tailors rarely have this sort of experience.

    In the apparel industry, designers provide another sort of function. Largely project managers, they often take pattern making in school but the two careers are divergent -and rarely the twain shall meet.

    You might consider visiting (my site). It is the most popular technical site in the apparel industry with over 2,000 in depth entries on every aspect you could imagine about starting, launching and running a clothing line. I've been a pattern maker for nearly 3 decades.

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    March 12, 2012 2:43 AM EDT

    Exactly you need a industrial designer and a professional one. who tells you accurately.

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