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Investor or Partner for MILLION $$ Invention

  • January 5, 2008 1:19 PM EST
    I`m looking for Partner(s) and/or Investors for my Million $$ Invention

    I`m currently working on a detailed business plan, but I wanted to post now to get pre-interest and begin networking.
    I`m new to writing business plans, so please be patient with me .. I should have it ready before the months end. Meanwhile I can answer all inquiries and talk more in-depth with serious investors.

    My invention works directly & functionally with the clothing industry. This product is desperately needed for ages 5-55+ . I need it greatly and am eager to get some prototypes manufactured to use, as well as market, etc.

    Without revealing pertinent information, I can say that this invention:
    • Is stylish as well as functional.
    • Solves a problem that the entire world faces daily with their attire.
    • Can be marketed to audiences mainly ages 5-55 , but ages outside this age range can use this as well. To both Males & Females. All around the World! Nearly every Audience! $$$
    • Major market to Skateboarders, Hip Hop/Urban audience, Males, and more.
    • Is not just a one time purchase by the consumer, but continued purchase, just as other attire. This means continued profits. $$$
    • Will easily be picked up by all major Clothing, Footwear stores, not to mention Skateboard stores, discount stores(Wal-mart, K-mart, etc)...
    • Takes pennies to make and can be realistically sold for $19.95 +-

    Believe me, I am not hyping this up or , I am Very Serious and I want to talk with only Serious Investors and those who would seriously like to talk further and/or consider talking about partnering with me.

    I know many of you will be highly interested, and this has the potential to make us MILLIONS , honestly!!
    If you simply want to invest, I will need a little time to come to the exact amount of investment I would need. But a roughly estimated figure would be around $20,000.

    I came to that estimate by the below needs:
    • Non Provisional Patent - $5000 +- (Depending on attorney)
    • Prototype manufacturing - $5000 +-
    • Marketing campaign - $5000 +-
    • Travel Expenses - $5000 +-

    If you are interested, I will be happy to answer any & all questions.

    Thank you,

    FutureTrillionaire __________________
    I`m Looking for a Partner/Investor for my invention that will make us MILLIONAIRES!
    I`m also looking for a Partner for a few Internet Ventures to make us more MILLIONS!
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    February 14, 2008 7:32 PM EST

    First, don`t use cheap words like "Million $$". By the way, million dollar is not even that big a number, especially in manufacturing.

    Second, narrow your market. Nobody would believe your "desperately needed for ages 5-55+". If it is so desperately needed, it would have already been invented.

    Third, at least give your audience some information about your credentials. You have much more chance if you have been in the sports clothing industry and avid skateboarder, for example.

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    January 24, 2008 10:58 PM EST
    Hi Nicky,
    That`s good that you are preparing a business plan.  You may
    want to visit our website.  It provides you with details on
    what successful inventors do to get investment.
    Good luck,
    inventone1/29/2008 1:53 AM


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    January 7, 2008 5:54 AM EST


    Since by your own admission, you aren`t ready for investors, I suggest you focus on expanding your network and building your constituency - those that are interested in the problem you (your business ) will solve. I`d begin my "elevator" pitch with a clear problem statement.

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