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Product promotion? Where to start?

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    May 11, 2013 12:30 AM EDT

    Hey everyone,

    I am an 18 year old Web designer and Software developer.
    Recently I have been working on a new product (I wont disclose anything here or for anoyone who contacts me). Its a product that has the ability to literally change the face of the computer industry and the internet.

    The project is currently all paper based as its a huge project for me to even think of doing alone. And since all my friends are in the Doctors fields and/or not interested in developing. I have no idea where to start.

    In addition to that I dont have the facility to start my work, I have been working on the project for all most 8 to 9 months now and I have got quite a team of supporting people, they do not know how to program or anything.

    Now my issue is, Since I cant do this alone, I want someone to invest in my work. I want sponsors to help me. But due to the lack of knowledge in business. I have gone nowhere. I wanted to know if someone could guide me througn this.

    I am ready to hand over my work to big companies as long as I am still part of the project. But how?

    Is it possible for some company to just had you over workers so that YOU can get the work done though by crediting the company for your work too?

    How do you approach companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and so on? I am very much interested to get a company like Google, Facebook, or Samsung. These three are my top priorities. 

    Please help me. I am extremely lost.

    If I wont be able to do this, I believe I would never be able to go anywhere with my work.