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Elevator pitch: Entirely New Patented Golf Training Aid

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    February 25, 2007 4:36 PM EST



    Hello! I am the inventor of the only  patented golf training aid that projects a laser-dot from the “putted” golf ball. The projected laser-dot represents the “precise and undisturbed trajectory “ of each putt - instantly! There is “no ball chasing” with this invention, because the putted golf ball does not roll-away ( only the laser-dot travels ). You simply reset the golf ball and putt!  This feature also eliminates “dinged-up” walls/furniture in your home/office, or, having your “dog/cat” chasing your putts on route to the cup. This invention provides the most discerning method to evaluate “pure putting accuracy”. Using this invention is “equivalent to putting on smooth and level glass-surface” (hard real-estate to find). When tested (using a putting machine) the projected laser-dot does not deviate more that 2 inches for a 100 foot putt from the “intent” (intended trajectory) of the putting machine. As a result, this invention provides a level of scrutiny that is not possible through conventional training methods/products. It is a product that tells the user what "they" are doing to the golf ball - not the "ground". After all, reading the greens and accurate putting are separate skill considerations.

    This invention also utilizes colored-targets (as holes) at which to putt at. These colored-targets can be placed anywhere within view of the golfer, and at various distances/positions simultaneously. Using the targets also lends this instrument to double as an “addictive” multi-player competitive golf game (anecdotally speaking) that is difficult to put away! It is designed for immediate usage by left/right-handed golfer’s. It is portable, extremely durable and reliable. It is both high-tech, and easy to manufacture. Although the golf training aid market is extremely profitable, it is in serious need of “truth in advertising”.

    This invention is a product that “performs as advertised” - as well as being “fun” to use:

    - It will create an entirely new category for golf putting aids.

    - It maintains the interest of the user through: utility, variety, entertainment, and shared usage.

    - It is extremely demonstrable, and, readily promotes it’s attributes.

    - It is ideal for: Golf Schools, Golf Coaches, as well as the casual golfer.

    It has been mentioned (with picture) in the Nikkei Marketing Journal (Japan) - August 07, 2005.

    I have several demonstrable prototypes. And I am currently seeking a business professional with the experience and equity capital for it’s successful development.


    Rumpelstiltskin2007-2-26 9:3:33
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    February 26, 2007 3:57 AM EST

     Good advice.  It is unfortunate that I do not have any internals/financials to give it "balance". I suppose it`s a need to compensate for the lack thereof. Can "enthusiasm" be interchangeable with "manic"?

    Thanks CraigL