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Multi Rotor UAV Hub

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    October 9, 2012 8:30 AM EDT

     I have a hub that is drew up on Solidworks and have CNC a few out already at work.

    I have been changing it and making prototype's along the way.

    Getting close and would like to finish it.

    Now i want to get one in the air.

    This take's money.

      Ideally it would be nice to find someone who share's the same interest that would also benifit from it.

    This is also going to apply to the work i am doing, Aerial Photography and Video.

    I do have very good credit but i have recently lost job and moved from Colorado to FL so my funds ran out.

    Good part is my wife now works for my Brother.

    This has given me time to work on this project and get me going again in Business.

    Aerial Photography, Video is what i want to do. Along with CNC machining and Solid works drawing. Manufacturing.