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Best cheap way to Create a website

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    November 28, 2014 2:36 PM EST
    I found using Wordpress is the best cost/benefit ratio. Wix and similar sites are cheaper, if you want simple web design with limited features. If you're someone who wants to adjust a lot of things on site for it to make the first professional appearance, wix and similar fails at it. I don't like their SEO non-friendliness as well.

    Wordpress in my mind is the easiest route. Check the marketplace for premium themes and get one, most come with a builder which is easy to use. And there are a lot of plugins to choose from (be careful with which you add though).

    Some say Modx is easier to do if you're a developer, not sure about stock themes from them.

    The best would be to take your time and research on exactly what you want. But my honest opinion is not go too cheap. First, it takes you a lot of time to find the cheapest yet worthwhile offer, and in my mind, time is money. I'd rather spend it on deciding how to manage and market my business.

    As FIFTYbizart said, marketing is the biggest drain. Websites are mostly one off costs.