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.com vs .net website.

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    August 22, 2006 10:32 AM EDT

    Don`t mess with .NET domain names.  The reason is they always look second class to the .com domains.  What will happen is people will `remember` you domain and go to the .com.

    Seriously consider another name if you can`t get the .com address


    Bryan C. Fleming

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    August 22, 2006 4:42 AM EDT

    I also have a .net and a .com address. I`ve noticed some pages will not be shown on my .net address.

    Hey Pam - not sure what you mean by "not be shown" - are you saying that these pages don`t show up in search results for your website (my guess since we`re in the web marketing forum) - please explain.

    Also curious if, by saying you have a .net and a .com, you`re saying that you have the identical website content on two distinct domains.  A little more clarification around these points should help us diagnose what`s happening for your site.

    chuck fuller

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    August 24, 2006 11:40 PM EDT

    Ok, so most of you have done your homework,
    It seems like you`ve done lots of research in domain names.. which is great..So let me throw a curb ball see how it goes.
    Ok, so many of you host two web sites one under .com and the other under .net correct?
    Answer me this? WHY?
    Why compete against yourself? the bots don`t care about your domain name, all it cares for is relevant content.

    What you have to do is! and this is for search engine Optimization purposes... cancel one of those accounts, keep the one you love the most, whether is dot net or dot com, and redirect one to the other (meaning: redirect your dot com to your dot net or vise versa) This is called working in conjuction... Before you do this, make sure you are on a dedicated IP...(use both to get you the are looking for

    Now as far as .net is concerned, dot net has come along way. It is a TLD (top level domain)
    so it will be considered OK in the Online world.

    Edgar Monroy
    Web Developer / Owner / Consultant
    When starting your own business the need to "know-how" is greater than money!

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    August 21, 2006 4:26 PM EDT


         I`ve built a .net website, and am concerned if it is a drawback against having a .com website. Can anyone throw some light on the implications of not having a .com domain?

     (Also, I`d appreciate if you can provide feedback on my website )




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    August 23, 2006 2:34 AM EDT

    The bit after the last dot is either a global top level domain or a country domain. Each global top level domain is supposed to indicate what the site is for:

    • com (commercial)
    • net (network provider)
    • org (organization)
    • mil (miltary - used by the US military)
    • gov (government - used by the US government)

    A lot of aditional ones have been added in recent years including biz (businesses), name (personal), mobi (mobile) and info (information).

    How relevant having to .com is depends on your perspective. How many people think .tv is for TV programs? It`s actually the country TLD for Tuvalu. Similarly, .ws doesn`t stand for website (despite the marketing), it`s actually the country TLD for Samoa.

    All of that said:

    1. If you`re running a business then try to get a .com even if it means using an abbreviation or initials.
    2. If you`re starting a business then check to see if the .com is available before you register your business name.
    3. If you can`t get a .com then try a .us domain name
    4. Only consider other domain names if they`re appropriate. I would not register a .info for a business website but I might consider it if I ran a conference or general information website. Also look for industry specific global TLD`s (for example: the travel industry has .travel so you could get

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