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Investment - Art Industry

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    May 10, 2012 12:28 AM EDT

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    February 29, 2012 2:30 AM EST

    Quality and Price vs Competition

    My paintings have been evaluated with a price quotation between 500 and 700 euros for A3 paper format, but I'm selling them with 350 euros.

    All my customers are amazed by my black & white paintings, and I've done some research over the art market, regarding my style.

    First of all it's hard to find black & white paintings, second of all it's hard to find black & white portraits, and third of all its impossible to find black & white portraits to compete with my price.

    My first and most important advantage in front of competition is that I'm relying on portrait commissions. Usually, the competition (Art Galleries, Artists from Sf. Green Railings, etc) are doing something like that: they display all the works and 'what you see is what you get'. And even if you find an artist who can take a portrait commission, that contract will be expensive.

    In my business plan, I have 4 categories of clients: Functional (similar with Competition - what you see is what you get), Emotional who will commission a portrait, Intellectual who will need a reproduction of famous artist and Turist. My best segment will be Emotional. I almost have no competition in this segment, and fortunately, this is the largest segment in market with the lowest offer.

    Imagine how hard it is to find a great present for your wife or friend - time and money consuming. And you can simply commission a portrait which will be for life. All I need is some applied marketing because, not many people know that I'm exist

    I have a few clients now in the area I'm living in, and they already have their houses filled with my paintings. Now, they commission paintings to make great presents for their friends.

    What I need:
    - Money to make some good quality scan in order to sell also fine prints
    - Help with marketing
    - Good website

    I’m based in Dublin, but I think we can work no matter where you are.
    Based on your type of help, we can discuss how this partnership will work.

    You can see some of my paintings here:
    If you want to see more paintings, please ask.

    By now, you should have a basic idea of my business.
    Let me know if you are interested at

    Best Regards,
    Gabriel D.