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sizzleleen screen needs 1 investor

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    April 24, 2012 2:33 AM EDT

    yes another newbie on this forum needing funding from one investor who can see the bigger picture, not going into full details till i find the right person but it fully works no matter what happens in the world of finance, i roughly could do with about £400k and no more, i know it sounds a lot, the return will be much much more, no risk to you at all and if there is someone who can help me with this you will not be sorry,

    this is not a con or scam, ive been working on this for a while getting it all right, now its ready and so am i to do this but i do need someone to help with funding for the place that is required,


    i do know this does not give to much detail but the right person i will tell you all you want to know,


    so if there is someone interested if you could pm plz as im not a big computer fan, but what i have planned im very very good at.