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How to not get screwed...?

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    October 9, 2012 1:33 PM EDT

    Ok, so I work for an industry that is rife with confusion. There are 365M consumers in this industry and I take calls answering many of the common frustrations that come with there being too many heads to answer the questions and not everyone is on the same page.


    SOOO...I came up with an idea to have a video series that clarifies a lot of these issues. None of the information I plan to share is proprietary to the company I work for, in fact, it is information that is the same no matter which of the number of companies you can choose from. But it is a one-stop place to get a lot of long-overdue clarification on common policies and practices of these companies to help conumers either be armed with information when they call in or to possibly eliminate the need to call, altogether.


    Question is...I still work for the company and I tried to share a VERY stripped down version of this idea and I was told because I work for the company, they own the idea. Tell that to Steve Jobs and other entrepreneuers who came up with ideas because of their past work experiences and created something from them. So how do I shield myself as the originator of the idea and get it out there, while protecting my job should the idea not take off?

    Would this be an LLC situation? Trademark? How do I develop this idea and market it without someone stealing it (though, it'd be hard to do since I have the advantage of communicating concepts in a unique and effective way, which I am told by customers all the time, i.e. this idea) and give it its fair chance at success?


    Is this a question for an attorney? And if so, what kind? I hope I have provided enough information about my situation to warrant a response. I appreciate any and all help on this.