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Get the Funding You’re Seeking!

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    July 11, 2006 11:28 AM EDT

    ~ “I don’t have enough money to startup!” 


    ~ “If I had x dollars, I could take my business to the next level.” 


    ~ “How do I find an investor?” 


    ~ “Where’s the funding???!!!!”


    If any of these funding issues belong to you, or if you are in the process of approaching a potential investor - listen in…


    When you have the chance to pitch your idea to a potential investor, you must be prepared to make a positive impact and get the right kind of funding you desire.  You should be able to convey all the essential information in a clear and concise manner, communicating in a tone that is passionate yet credible.   To help you get the funding you`re seeking, we are dedicating an entire radio show to this topic and I’m inviting you to participate.


    Get your pitch ready!  We are opening up the “elevator doors” and inviting you to deliver your elevator pitch on StartupNation Radio.  This is a great way to gain insight and wisdom from an investor`s perspective and fine-tune your elevator pitch skills, techniques, and content matter.  You will also get national exposure for your company, product, service, or idea.


    Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in delivering an elevator pitch on the nationally-syndicated StartupNation Radio.


    Hope to hear from you soon!


    Heather Cohen


    StartupNation Radio


    P.S.  This page contains some starting points to help you construct your one-minute elevator pitch.

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    July 14, 2006 9:18 AM EDT

    No audition required! 

    However, I do connect with elevator pitchers beforehand to give them an opportunity to review their pitch and get it "radio show-ready". 

    We feature elevator pitches on every radio show so...let`s connect to discuss the format and logistics, and find a time when you can step into the StartupNation Radio elevator and deliver your extraordinary pitch.

    I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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    July 21, 2006 1:01 PM EDT
    I would love the opportunity to pitch my company ( to an investor. We have been in business for about 4 years, we lead the industry in our product line in the multi-billion dollar video game market, we have licsensing agreement in place for one of our inventions, just need the right people on our team for the next step which is a public offering. would love to hear from you Heather.
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    July 21, 2006 6:53 PM EDT
    Hi Heather,

    I would love to avail this opportunity and present my business idea/opportunity for a huge Indian Market - Film Production. I would like to present my elevator pitch on the program. Please do let me know how I can proceed. Also, plase do check this blog link that will give you a brief idea of our initiative - Scarecrow Media and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.


    Scarecrow Media and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
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    July 14, 2006 8:40 AM EDT

    I would love an opportunity to make a pitch on an idea I have. Is there an audition? When will the show take place?


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