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Plastic injection molder seeks growth funding.

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    February 5, 2008 2:13 PM EST

    TapSet is a plastic molder with manufacturing facilities based in Michigan we are an S-Corp incorporated in 2006.


    We manufacture our own proprietary products that are protected by worldwide patents pending.  Our current products are hooks with an integrated glue anchors.


    Our facilities are designed to expand rapidly; with the support team of vendors that we have put together we can double or triple our product capacity in 8 weeks or less without the need for immediate infrastructure investment.


    We have 15 individual products, POP displays, excellent web presence at and a solid base of marketing work completed.


    Our Management team and Advisors all have experience with start-ups and are actively involved in running their respective businesses on a day to day basis.


    We currently have product in 190 retail stores worldwide.  We are in the True Value National warehouse and two Ace Hardware warehouses.  We have a global distribution agreement with Senco/Rex Commercial Tool of Cincinnati.


    With comfortable gross margins we need a cash infusion to help establish market presence and further develop our product line. TapSet will utilize a $500,000 cash investment to fund a PR effort that will educate the public and create market awareness.  A portion of the proceeds will be used to expand the product offering and cover current operating costs.


    We are looking for the right passive investor or group of investors.  Contacts and experience within the home improvement/construction distribution market would be a plus.


    If you are interested please either Martin Tervo or Erik Kiilunen at 810-299-2911 or by e-mail