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Crowdfunding of Comic Book Project

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    December 10, 2010 8:43 AM EST

    Not exactly an elevator pitch, but I would like to get some of your excellent knowledge for feedback regarding what I could do to make my project look more attractive to potential backers in a crowdunding campaign, or to investors in general.

    Our project is based on the works of H.G. Wells and is far more unique than any adaptation of his work that has been done before.

    The below was posted at my web site

    I am thinking about starting a new Kickstarter campaign for some funds to help with our new H.G. Wells comic project. Seeing as how our last Kickstarter attempt (for Vampire Apocalypse  – seen HERE), was unsuccessful, I’d like to get some feedback about what could be done to get you (and multiple others) to help to participate.  Take a look at some of the other comic projects on Kickstarter for comparisons.

    1. What about the Vampire Apocalypse Kickstarter project is good?
    2. What about it is bad?
    3. What do you like/dislike about other Kickstarter projects?
    4. What sort of ‘Pledge Rewards’ would you like to see?
    5. How much would you consider pledging?
    6. What would get you to pledge more?
    7. What would get you to share the project with your friends, family, and strangers?

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be helpful as I look into setting up another campaign.  Funds received would be used to help offset some of the costs in the production of the book, as well as to bring members of the creative team together for a book launch at one of the major comic conventions in later 2011.

    Eric Mullarky
    New Baby Productions

    New project in production - based on the works of H.G. Wells.