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    May 25, 2006 9:07 AM EDT

    We are a local organization looking to move nationally.  We manage mastermind chapters which small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals become members of and participate in weekly meetings. 

    There are plenty of “networking” organization or lead generation group out their but no major mastermind based organization.  We are looking to be that organization.  So how do we get the word out nationally without just spam emailing everyone.

    I have looked into creating sub-domain website from our main website such as for California and then creating our “Business Events Calendar” for each state and distributing this via email, how we still don’t have any in California running and starting mastermind chapters.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    I should probably also mention that we have everything setup so people can franchise or license our process.  We looked at using the franchise model but the interest hasn’t really been there.


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    May 25, 2006 6:12 PM EDT


    Saw your post earlier today but waited to see if anyone else would chime in so I could compare notes - but alas, no notes to compare. So, here goes.

    When you first arrived at SuN, I checked out your websites. Professional. A lot of info. Love the references to Napoleon Hill - have made many references to him here on the SuN Forum - he is one of my heroes. Your sites just didn`t quite make sense to me. Why? I couldn`t immediately see the revenue model. I can see what you`re trying to do, but how does this guy make money? And as you know, Hill`s famous book is Think and Grow Rich. Surely, I said, Erik ain`t doing this for his health.

    You have some grand plans outlined on your site - your UBA site. I`m thinking the plan might be too grand - this from a guy who has a motto of "Go Big or Go Home". You appear - based on what I`ve read on your site - to be well educated and from a family of some means that have taught you some great lessons and exposed you to some great teachers and teachings. This is good and I commend you on your accomplishments so far. Maybe you should scale back a bit - bite off a smaller geographically region and work the bugs out, get feedback, work with your members closely, and fine-tune this idea a little.

    Suggestion: Re-read your PR/Info sheet that pops up when you click on President on your UBA website. Read between the lines and think about what the reader is hearing. Did you provide too much info? Did you boast too much? I think you did. Re-read it. Re-read your entire website.

    Also, think about Hill`s words on a Mastermind group. Yes, he understood the power of just two minds coming together. But he also said choose those Mastermind members carefully. I`m not sure you can "force" Masterminds together.

    You are right - there are many "networking" or "peer" groups out there. I happen to belong to one - Vistage (formerly TEC - I consider this group of peers a Mastermind group. Some of the best and most productive time I spend each month is with this group. TEC/Vistage has been around for over 45 years - worldwide. They gain members mostly from word-of-mouth. Your business model (and Vistage) is what I call a "quiet" business model - yes, much needed, especially for startups and relatively new businesses; but one that doesn`t shout - your website shouts.

    You can make this work. I think you have the brain power to make it work. Just needs some tweaking. I hope you take all of these comments as they are meant - constructive critical review. And I apologize to all for the length - it`s as short as I could make it.


    PS -drop the franchise idea.

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    January 5, 2014 7:22 AM EST

    hopefully they will have fixed the purple low light camera issue...