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B2B Inside Sales Techniques

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    March 13, 2013 5:29 AM EDT

    I recently began working with a small startup web based point of sale system and have had trouble closing sales. The initial leads are based upon the business owner downloading the free app on their mobile device. When I do get someone who is qualified for the service, the call will usually end up with me sending training videos and following up a couple of days later. I know this is a weak strategy because there are alot of ways to defer my follow ups and there aren't many ways to follow up with that proposition other than 'have you had a chance to check out the website and the features it offers?'


    What other strategies can I use to avoid ending the call on that general note and make sure they will look into it and keep their future appointments over the phone. To sum it up, what should the next steps be if I have given a demo, they are interested, but need time to discuss with business partners. I know there should be a close soon, but how to do I bring that up if they are having common objections?