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Need advice on how to get my foot in the door of a big company.

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    October 12, 2006 1:21 PM EDT

    I`ve been in commercial aviation for a long time, and you are looking at the multi-step process. For starters, airlines have their food and beverage handled through contractors - but - the parent company of the airline also owns the flight kitchens. American Airlines owns Flight Kitchen or Flight Services or something like that, and Continental Airlines contracts with Chelsea - both are owned by Continental Holdings Inc.. So to market with CAL, you will have to successfully market to Chelsea, they in turn will market to CAL who will then market to Continental Holdings Inc. CAL now has Starbucks coffee (Gawd-awful product) in first-class. It only took Starbucks 4-years to make it onto the planes.

    But don’t worry – when the plane is held for scheduled maintenance – no one, and, I mean, no-one will touch the (YUCK) Star Bucks – we get the “no-name” coffee from the main cabin.

    Your will supply chain will also have to be global, because Chelsea serves the Caribbean, US, and Polynesia (Hawaii and Guam). I don’t know if Chelsea is in Europe.

    Airlines market through name recognition – so your product which is not patented will not fly (INHO). Customers have never heard of it and if it is not to their liking, they will blame the airline and not the real issue.

    If you will contact be my phone or email, I will see if I can get you the name of a contact at Chelsea.


    OilGuru2006-10-12 18:25:57

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    October 10, 2006 10:04 PM EDT
    Hi, I have two different inventions regarding products for the bottled
    beverage and airline industries patent pending, and would like to introduce
    them to some large companies in the airline and bottld beverage industries.
    None of my email or snail mail requests have been answered.

    Does anyboy have any suggestions on how I can get a chance to pitch my
    product to such companies (bottled beverage and/or airline)?   I can provide
    more detail about my inventions through email.

    Thanks a lot!

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