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Here’s Why They Never Bring Up The Revolving Door . . .

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    June 13, 2007 12:56 PM EDT
    Remember this question?

    "What is going to happen when I finally do sponsor someone?
    Will they also spend $2000 plus company product cost to get
    things off the ground?"

    Remember the answer?

    It`s No!

    They don`t talk about that though.

    At my last check there are about 5,000 new network marketing
    business that start every single year just in the US alone.

    The truth is the number is probably even higher.

    What happens when you finally do recruit someone into your
    business and they don`t earn an income in the first 2 or 3

    They do a quick Google search and they start looking around
    for something bigger and better that promises more money
    faster than your business does.

    And when they hit their limit they leave. They never say
    a word to you about it.

    All you know is about a month after they check out you get
    an email from this person that you put all your hopes in
    that says "Hey sorry things didn`t work out, I`m over at XYZ
    company. It`s great! I think you should check it out."

    Then to throw salt on the injury they leave you a link to
    their new business to try to recruit you.

    But here is where it really hurts.

    Say you hit the phones hard for 3 months to find that

    You spent $1500, got yelled at 150 times, I got hung up on
    300 times, and spent more hours than you can count taking
    this abuse just to find your one shinning glimmer of hope.

    It`s not your fault. But I gotta tell you that the climate
    in the network marketing industry has changed.

    Whatever your business is there are probably 15 just like it
    and at the drop of a dime your new recruit can find them by
    just doing a quick Google search.

    There is massive worldwide exposure out there which has
    its good side, but also has its bad side which you can see from the
    example above.

    It creates a massive revolving door phenomenon in the
    industry which no one is really addressing at this point.

    From a personal perspective . . .

    Think about it, you spend huge amounts of time and money and
    take massive abuse just to get that first sign up.

    Whether you realize it or not, what happens is you tend to
    place a lot of pressure on that new recruit to duplicate
    simply because the cost was so high to acquire him or her.

    It`s not really fair to them, but the more important thing
    to focus on is the psychological effects it has on you.

    Your dreams that were once on your shoulders you
    now start to place on theirs. When they leave you without
    a second thought it crushes you.

    The thoughts of lack and despair begin to appear.

    You want to go out and recruit another person, the right
    person, but the thought of going through that horrible
    process again gets in the way.

    Your back at square one and it feels like someone has
    punched you in the stomach before you get out of the gate
    this second go around.

    That`s the revolving door.

    Now again . . .

    To those at the top who cares?

    Every time a new person leaves a new person joins when you
    look on the large scale, so the effects don`t matter to
    those above because they have so much leverage the effects
    aren`t felt, but the bottom line is it matters a lot to you
    and me.

    The good news is there is a way to inoculate yourself from
    this effect and it`s simple.

    You make sure you make $ from the start.

    If you make $500 a month regardless of who joins your
    business and you recruit 2 people and one quits who cares?

    That`s the game I play.

    When you make money no matter what happens in your business
    you set yourself up for huge success in the industry and
    that`s why you`re here.

    Now you see the game . . .

    It`s time to play it the smart way.
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    June 13, 2007 2:37 PM EDT
    I read this post - several times - and I have to say, I really don`t understand much of what you wrote. Could you clarity? Is this about MLM?
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    June 15, 2007 2:36 AM EDT
    Search "merchant of deception" for some aspects of MLM

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