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Global Music Alliance - Online Music Collaboration

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    October 10, 2012 9:46 AM EDT

    Collaboration network guarantees for providing willing musical technology groups close to each other so that they may meet their creative specifications. Believe in in performers collaboration includes personal commitment of passionate performers to have wealthy experience of becoming effective artist.

    voice over artist

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    February 5, 2007 4:38 AM EST
    We coded this online music collaboration site back in 2005 and have pretty much left it to run on its own.  I`d like to know what people think would make it a better site and find someone that would like to take it to the "next level" in the realm of user participation. 

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    February 5, 2007 2:44 PM EST

    I`m wondering if a better idea might be a way to offer studio engineering via the Web. I might put a melody line together, and some "studio players" could add a percussion and bass line. Then I`d get an email notify, download my melody already mixed with a "click track."

    I could then add tracks, to the point where I was stumped. Say I want a jazz sax added, but can`t play sax. I could upload what I`ve got, and again, either on-call or registered other players could take a listen, download, and add in a sax line. I might include written notes along the lines of what sort of solo I`d hear.

    That sort of collaboration might work. Then the site would offer engineering and mixing at that end, for a fee. It`d be a way for people to "self-publish" their songs and ideas, sort of like "vanity publishing" in the written text realms.

    The above is exactly what the site does without the fee.  The click track is optional depending on how the individuals what to utilize the system  most collaborations do use the click tracks they just don`t upload them with the mix

    Here are just a couple of the many songs that have been completed on the site I`m partial to the last one "Man of the House" cause I wrote it. 01%20More%20To%20Go.WMA

    "Heaven on Earth" and "Happiness" BELOW both use the same "Seed" tracks but ended up quite different depending on who and how it was finally mixed and which tracks were used the vocals on both are my stepsons.

    Heaven on Earth en%20On%20Earth.wma

    Happiness iness.WMA

    Man of the House 20Of%20The%20House.wma

    Pokerman2007-2-5 20:55:27

    Pokerman It`s not about what you can do... it`s about what you will do! Amateur Poker League Software - Drive Traffic - Add 100,000 Songs to your website - Music Catalog

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    February 6, 2007 6:48 AM EST

    Thanks Craig for the feedback. 

    I might be a little too familiar with the site and thought we`d done a good job of explaining the process.  I will soon be utilizing the ignite2000 software to create a tutorial on exactly how the process works (the software is phenomenal for this very thing)

    To find an artist and their musical preferences and instrument click on "Artists"  or "Search Site". Each artist can also upload 3 sample tracks so you can hear their style... again available on the Artist page by searching on "all"

    To listen to "seed" tracks click on the link "Seed Tracks" in the left hand nav.

    To view current projects and hear the latest mix... click on the "Projects" link in the left hand nav.

    From the front page.

    How it Works

    Downloading - Listening to Tracks and Samples

    • Anyone can download a track or sample while a project is in process. 
    • After a project completes the final mix phase it will be included for sale on the Buy Music page through a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Shared Media Licensing.  
    • A visitor to the site can listen to any track or mix currently in Seed Track or Active Project status free.
    • Tracks are not listed by genre because it is impossible to tell what the final form of a song may take. 
    • Completed songs that have entered the digital distribution system are available on the Buy Music page.  Visitors may listen 3 times free and support the artists by purchasing the track.

    Uploading seed tracks.

    • Registered Artists may upload an original track on the seed track page. A producer can then choose to use that track as the base of a project.
      • Format is WMA or MP3 or whatever turns your crank.
      • Not every track submitted  will necessarily result in inclusion in a project.
    • You may choose to be the producer for your seed track`s project, or allow someone else to produce. We have found that some people just want to play and they aren`t interested in producing the project themselves.

    Uploading - Auditioning a Track

    • Available only for Registered Artists
    • Download the track from the project for which you wish to audition.
    • Using your PC based recording software. Add your recorded track. Mix down the tracks and save them in wma or mp3 format. The bit-rate should always be maintained at 192 or better for quality purposes.
    • Upload the modified file to the project.
    • An e-mail is sent to all the contributing artists to let them know that a new track has been uploaded.
    • You may be asked to post a solo track for further work.
    • The process repeats till the composition is complete and ready for Final Mix.


    • Some Musicians prefer to upload a sample rather than a fully structured song.
    • An audition can be a single track that is inspired by the sample.
    • It may take several single track auditions before the Seed Track has enough "structure" to make it ready to accept the mixing in of additional tracks - These decisions are made by the project producer.


    • Open to all Logged in Artists
    • Any Logged in Artist may upload original song lyrics to be used in a collaboration project.
    • Artists may create a project and begin the process by uploading lyrics as a "Seed Track"

    The Final Mix*

    • Available to all Registered Artists.
    • Once the project`s producer is satisfied with the rough mix, he/she will ask the artists to upload a clean single track to the "Solo Tracks" folder on the project page.   This may be in .wav format or in some other audio format at the discretion of the producer.
    • The Solo tracks are then downloaded, mixed, and re-uploaded.
    • Once the participants are satisfied with the final mix, the project manager will mark the project as complete.
    Pokerman2007-2-6 12:54:15

    Pokerman It`s not about what you can do... it`s about what you will do! Amateur Poker League Software - Drive Traffic - Add 100,000 Songs to your website - Music Catalog