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Raising money for discount/coupon website

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    April 1, 2013 5:08 AM EDT

    Dear all! Me and my friend are currently starting a campaign that will make our dreams come true. We want to build a great fully automated online store like amazon, ebay. or etsy with a full focus on discounts and lowest fees for businesses as possible. The only thing we are lacking is a starting budget purely for a website development with great functionality, both for clients and for businesses. That is why we are trying to accumulate $5,000 for this project.

    I hope that startupnation users will consider the whole idea behind the project as beneficial both to users and to clients in the long term perspective. We would be very grateful if anyone could donate some money or contribute to our project in any other way.

    Our project is listed on INDIEGOGO -

    Please let me hear your thoughts and questions :)