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Dealing with manufacturers? Direct Shipments

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    July 19, 2008 11:49 AM EDT
    I agree with DefMall, you can develop a website without inventory, and there are good drop shippers to be found, so that you do not have to invest in inventory.  Could you give a little more information?  At what stage you are building a web based business?  How much knowledge do you have?  Have you researched what you will need?  That kind of information!

    I recently read that 80% of website`s fail....So do your due-diligence on the subject; increase you likely-hood of being in that successful percentile.  Good Luck!!!

    BootStrappin7/19/2008 4:58 PM


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    July 17, 2008 5:52 AM EDT
    Hi Tyler,
    Are you wanting the manufacturer to create unique a product you will sell?  Or, are you wanting serve as an outlet for a manufacturer?  There are a number of companies that create products businesses can sell under the business name.  They warehouse the product until you send in an order.  They then ship direct to the customer under your companies name. 
    nevadascul7/17/2008 12:20 PM

    The older we get, the more excuses we make for not chasing after our dreams. But truth is, goals are attainable at any age.

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    July 18, 2008 4:48 AM EDT
    Tyler -
    We drop ship for almost 60 different websites, so the idea of a manufacturer letting you sell their products without caryring inventory is certianly `do-able`. You will find this less posible with small, inexpensive items...but your concept is viable and has been around a long time.
    What specific questions about the process can the Nation help you with?  ;)
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    July 15, 2008 6:03 PM EDT

    Just curious if the nation could help me out. I want to launch a website without carrying inventory. I know this is not the best method of operating a business but without funding my options are limited. I want to know if any professionals have any advice on trying to get manufacturers to work with our company and understand exactly what our needs our as an etailer carrying virtually zero inventory. Any advice would be appreciated.