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Will You Look at the Proposal and Tell Me What You Think

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    February 1, 2008 12:45 PM EST

    Delores Williams

    PO Box 812141

    Los Angeles, CA90081

    January 31, 2008

    William Zanker


    The Learning Annex

    48 West 37th Street , 7th Floor

    New York, NY

    Dear Mr. Zanker:

    As a long-time admirer of the outstanding work that The Learning Annex has done in the area of Adult Education, I particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to see how you function at the Real Estate and Wealth Expo. As you indicated in Inc Magazine interview, your organization has grown to a point where it needs to dramatically enhance its online impact so that it can continue to serve effectively.

    This correspondence outlines the complete scope of work that can be accomplished, including objectives, procedures, identification of responsibilities, and estimated fees.


    Implement the 24/7 Learning Annex Internet TV Channel to increase student attendance. Provide professional assistance related to this new platform and coordinate the taped and live programming. Success of this project is dependent not only on the platform, but also on your personnel`s skill, effort, and willingness to work as a team.


    1.      Procedures

    a.       Assist in planning implementation of the Learning Annex Channel.

    b.      Recommend steps required to successfully program the new channel and assist in assembling setup information and account data used in the implementation process.

    c.       Recommend basic digital Web-cams that can be used for recording with any laptop. And how to set-up for other events using professional equipment.

    d.      Establish specifications for the media format, tick information, logo, and banner.

    e.       Write the recording procedures for Staff and Instructors of The Learning Annex.

    2.      Training and Testing

    a.       Work with you and your staff during set-up and implementation to help you gain a general understanding of the platform.

    b.      Train in the areas of live recording and posting, chat feature and minute-usage reporting procedures and back-up procedures.

    c.       Upon completion, the Learning Annex Channel to assure that it is functioning as intended and producing accurate recordings based on your input.

    3.      Set-up and Post-Conversion Support

    a.       Assist in planning and assembling media for the Learning Annex Channel.

    b.      Provide free telephone support after implementation.



    This project demands slight involvement by your teaching personnel. Ultimate success is highly dependent on their effort. To help achieve a smooth and successful implementation, it will be your responsibility to perform the following:

    1.      Assemble an up-to-date Instructor roster for the purpose of passwords and account set-up. Tier 1 and 2 Instructors should be at the top of the list.

    2.      Create a complete list of live events by date and location. Pay close attention to multiple day events.

    3.      Include a copy of pre-recorded programs on DVD or CD desired by the organization for inclusion on the channels.


    When the project is complete, the Learning Annex Channel will have successfully implemented a 21st Century digital education solution. Benefits include:

    ·         24/7 student access: Students can sign on to the Learning Annex at anytime to learn. The platform can hold over 10,000 participants per minute.

    ·         Student enrollment increase: With the flexibility of the system, students can enroll anytime and attend anytime they want.

    ·         Passive financial income stream: The channel window is on your Website, so you have control over who gets to it. If a student wants to see the Wealth and Real Estate Expo they missed, you can sell them a pass with systems the Learning Annex already has in place.

    ·         No Need for separate software. The platform is flash based, so there is no need to download software. You just have to go to one page, sign on, and start talking. Works on any current day laptop.

    ·         Within One Hour All Instructors Can Use the System. Because the platform does the encoding, the Instructor or volunteer just has to push the record button.

    ·         Mogulus allows you to be live 24/7, or when needed. It also will play chosen content when you are not live.


    Set-Up costs and fee s are summarized on the attached schedule. These fees are effective provided (a) your media are in good order, and (b) a staff (volunteer) member can devote some time to the instructor training of the  recording process. Our fee does not include modifications to the Platform Software.

    Our terms are 50% deposit on set-up costs before we begin. The balance for implementation costs is due upon installation (actual live programmed channel). Our maintenance fees are billed monthly.


    We appreciate the opportunity to service your Internet TV channel needs. If you want to accept this proposal, please sign one copy and return it with a 50% deposit of the set-up costs.


    Delores Williams

    New Media Specialist





    This letter correctly sets forth the understanding of the Learning Annex Channel.




    Accepted by





    PO BOX 812141
    LOS ANGELES, CA90081




    This is customizable in the look, color, and size.


    POBOX 812141
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90081



    DATE: January 31, 2008

    Platform: Mogulus

    TO:      William Zanker


    Channel Creation                                                                    $10,000

    ·         Channel Design                                                                      

    ·         Password(s) Set-up                                                                 

    ·         Media Encoding

    ·         Free Preview-Channel                                                             


    TOTAL SET-UP                                                                     $10,000


    MONTHLY MAINTENANCE FEE                                                $3,499

      (Note: Includes live help when recording multiple day live events, We will actually record the events as long as the volunteer or Instructor has signed on to the system.)







    Need web copy, press releases, articles for your website or newsletter, or even a video, we can do it.

    Del Williams Media
    Your Communications Specialist

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    February 4, 2008 8:38 AM EST
    Yes, I did speak to Him, research the company and my competitors, and I received Zanker`s permission to submit the proposal.

    Need web copy, press releases, articles for your website or newsletter, or even a video, we can do it.

    Del Williams Media
    Your Communications Specialist

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    February 2, 2008 7:57 AM EST
    I read it, but it gets cut-off I couldn`t finish reading on the right.. Will some contact Tech support at Startup Nation?

    Edgar Monroy
    Web Developer / Owner / Consultant
    When starting your own business the need to "know-how" is greater than money!

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    February 1, 2008 3:37 PM EST
    Have you had a conversation, personally with Zanker?

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