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Restaurant, Agribusiness, and Car Wash Funding Needed

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    November 11, 2008 8:41 AM EST
    I am seeking from 1-30 angel investors who can angel investments, provide loans and/or equity partners for a new business concept that I have been building a business plan for. The concept involves pairing up a full service car wash with a full service cafe` which features menu items with organic ingredients grown on-site, and then opening multiple locations within 7 years before attempting to franchise it. The numbers for ROI are promising, but I am having difficulty finding a traditional loan because it is a capital-rich start up project, and the downpayment is going to be much more than a single mom of 5 with limited income like myself could possibly afford. I am open to suggestions of how to finance the project, whether it be to finance the land, construction, equipment/start up expenses, and working capital separately, or to get 30 angel investors, each with $200K to invest. Each funding scenario minimizes the potential of risk to any investor, which should be attractive. Unfortunately, I do not have any contacts for angel investors, and again, a loan would require downpayment that I do not have. I have put a GREAT DEAL of work into building the business plan, marketing studies, and feasibility studies, which could be seen as a form of sweat equity downpayment, but traditional banks and lending institutions just do not view it that way.

    Just to be clear, I am NOT looking for free money. I am more than committed to making this business work. But because of my family circumstances, I am not able to put money down, which is why I need help. I can provide details about how this business with 2 seemingly different profit centers under one roof will work. I just need the chance to be able to prove my concept, and get the help to actualize my dream.
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    November 11, 2008 9:08 AM EST


    You`ve obviously put a lot of time and energy into your concept -to get this far. Congratulations and great work. However, if you haven`t already - this may be the time to move away from "going it alone". For the size and type of venture you describe, assembling team(s) will make your project more attractive and Capital Ready.
    Consider taking a creative approach to solving your capital requirements which could include separation as well as taking smaller $ steps to your ultimate $ goal.

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    March 28, 2013 8:57 AM EDT

     When my brother decided to open a new business he had gained some money but unfortunately it was not enough, he searched for investors but without success. It is very hard nowadays to find investors, you have to have a very good established business plan.You could donate your car to seek new potential investors, my brother tried this and it worked.