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Saying hi by posting Life Plan

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    March 17, 2012 12:33 PM EDT

    Hey. My name is David, 30 from Sweden. Just found startupnation and created a life plan.


    I. Current Status

    A. Quality of Life = 80
    B. My Reality.

    • Responsible to my Jennifer
    • Responsible for my personal development and financial future
    • Living costs ~20K SEK / month (no extras). Non job Income ~ 10 000 SEK / Year -> Need day job for now
    • Life is good, healthy, happy relationship and good family and friends.

    C. Things that make me the happiest

    • Relaxing with Jennifer and Luna
    • Adventure
    • Travel
    • Leading people
    • Reading / learning / personal development
    • Training
    • Earning money. Especially passive income.

    D. Things that make me unhappy

    • Interruptions
    • Low status at job
    • Lack of progress towards independence
    • Wishing / fantasy
    • Contemplating too many possibilities

    II. My Ideal Life

    • I own my time
    • Large, automatic, recurring income - no loans.
    • Respected authority
    • I employ people for tasks I dislike
    • 2 mini retirements / year
    • Happy and funny relationship
    • Live close to nature. Second home in wild setting.
    • Close best friends

    III. My Loves

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Development
    • Working towards a better future
    • Inspiring others, helping progress
    • Experiencing our body in the way it was made for; climbing, cheap travel, mountains and water, animals etc
    • Creating freedom through passive income

    IV. My Skills and Capabilities

    • Reading, learning, explaining. Writing ability. Analysis.
    • Curious
    • See what needs to be done / delegate
    • Communication with all kinds of people
    • Cost/benefit analysis
    • Broad knowledge, decent understanding of many areas.

    V. My Experience

    • Broad experience. Learning to ‘good enough’ stage in many areas.
    • Computer skills
    • Started a mobile application company
    • Curious of new people, places and activities
    • Leading / initiative taker of many trips with friends and in some job projects.
    • Made instructional videos
    • Learned about virtual computers, business intelligence and reporting
    • Employed on elance
    • Held 30 min presentation after 6 hour preperation answering tough questions in pressure situation
    • Learned to be economical and can live cheaply
    • Learned to control nervousness
    • Almost always accepted for job interviews

    VI. My Ideal Work Life

    • Part - time
    • Time freedom
    • Writing / reading / teaching
    • Adapting
    • Location Independent
    • ‘Helicopter perspective’ - employ specialists
    • Boss / owner / decision maker
    • Results oriented

    VII. My Manifesto

    My mission is to start a company that allows me, Jennifer and Luna to live our ideal lives together. This company allows us to develop and prosper while giving us the luxury of exploring the planet and new climbing areas. The company gives us passive income by drawing on my skills of writing / reading, computers and helicopter perspective. The first cent is earned as quickly as possible and from there on the process is improved upon. Once we reach a level of income exceeding our expenses we can quit our day jobs. The company employs specialists that like their work and appreciate us as employers. We aim to help them develop and grow with us through long standing relationships. The company helps people feel good about their life, reach a happy state of mind, write well, create wealth or experience adventure. I do the same by regular retreats from improving the business and regular spiritual and health practice. The work we do feels very meaningful and helps us wake up early in the morning. We network and befriend people who are also starting an internet-based company or who are also trying to help the same people we are.

    VIII. Key Moves

    • Keep having a 9-5 day job and make the most of it.
    • Offer an advisory service in one area and sell my time.
    • After having done this. Create a product (text or video) in the same area and sell it.
    • Start networking with other people attempting the same activities.
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    March 17, 2012 8:11 PM EDT

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