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Web Application Prototyping

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    March 24, 2013 2:55 PM EDT


    My name is Adrian Pang and I would like to share a project I have been working on with you. Working with entrepreneurs in the past, I notice that it's often very expensive (in terms of time and cost) to hire developers build prototypes of web applications -- that's why I built Beta In A Box (, an easy-to-use prototyping software that builds fully functional web application prototypes, that you can share with your potential users and fine tune your ideas before hiring developers to build the final optimized version.

    Using Beta In A Box, you can quickly mock up your application (using an online template, or upload your own) and hook up behaviors such as data management and geolocation to implement behaviors.  Once you are done, you can share the application with your potential users, and with tracking tools such as integration with Google Analytics, you can fine tune your application until you find your winning formula.

    Beta In A Box is still in early stages of development and I would love to hear your feedback! Please let me know of your comments and feedback ( and get building! There's a 30 day risk free trial and no credit card is needed.