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    August 6, 2007 12:38 AM EDT
    Hi there,

    I`m the owner of I would like to rise a bookmarking site, which includes and allows bookmarks to text sites, photos, videos and audio, in separately sections.
    Also, we could team up with established bookmarking services: Posting their recent number 1 bookmarks in the "top bookmarks" section, including their reference.

    The project would be non-profit only, a team work "just for fun", to see a solid platform grow. Certainly, we would share an equal ownership.

    Goal: To get listed in google`s top 5 in relation to the search term "bookmarking".

    a) What do you think about the idea in general?
    b) Anybody interested? Coder(s) and designer(s) needed, but also creative minds.
    c) Just for fun, without profit and pressure.

    p.s: Sorry, if my english is not 100% correct.
    startups2007-8-6 7:48:15


    • 14 posts
    August 6, 2007 7:03 AM EDT
    Oh, i`m sorry Craig. The project isn`t done as yet. The domain is parked - it`s not my content.
    Sorry, it`s my fault, forgot to shut down the parking page. Please don`t click on the link, the development hasn`t begun.

    by the way: i will remove the parking site now.

    edit: server-update in progress, have to wait until tomorrow. then i can change the data entry.

    startups2007-8-6 12:45:18