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Opening business with China

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    February 19, 2013 3:24 PM EST


    I would like to suggest an opportunity to open a business in China!

    Start a run your own Business in China - The Chinese Domestic Company for the Foreigner 


    Setting up and running a Business in China may seem to be a vey daunting and lonely task for a typical SME, but it does not have to be that way and Godoi Consulting is here to make sure that it isn't that way for our customers.


    A common misconception is that you need to come to China with over $1million to have any chance of success, but this is no longer the case. China is rapidly becoming paradise for Entrepreneurs and SME’s due to the ever expanding middle class and huge domestic market. Any shrewd business person with between RMB 60,000 and RMB 80,000 and a well thought out, solid business plan will be allowed a lot of opportunity for success.


    Here at Godoi Consulting we provide legal services for expats that are planning on starting their business in China. We can help you to open your WOFE, or Chinese Company - a Chinese corporation that is 100% controlled by the foreign investor.


    Our service is fully inclusive and comprehensive and includes a 20 year CEO working visa, which is renewable each year (which we will assist you with). We also include all corporate bank accounts and an ongoing after-care service - we will help you find your feet. For example, if you want to know how to legally hire foreign staff, we will help you in doing so.


    Whether your business is small or large we are able to help you realize and achieve your goals without a huge investment. Godoi Consulting will be there with you every step of the way from the initial paperwork to receiving your licenses through to getting your first customer and way beyond. We are not just your agent to get your paperwork processed, but your consultants and business partners throughout your duration in China.


    Whatever your idea we can help you set up your company and get you the right licenses that you need to operate in legally in China. Businesses that we can help you set up range from:

    - Pet Shops

    - Hair Salons

    - Restaurants

    - Gyms

    - Photography Company’s

    - Wedding Planning 


    With affordable fees starting from RMB 28,000 you will legally be able to run your own business in China, obtain your resident work visa, hire Chinese or foreign staff, conduct business transactions, among other benefits. And with an ongoing aftercare service, we will give you help and guidance, as, and when you need it.


    If you want more information about opening business in China or/and exporting/importing from it, you can contact me to private message, or write to

    Business Consulting and Immigration