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New Role of Packaging in a Courier Company

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    August 15, 2014 1:48 PM EDT
    Courier companies are those companies which take up domestic and international couriers. They offer the service of delivery of parcels from one location to another. All the important documents/non-documents is supposed to be delivered on time by courier companies. Care needs to be taken while packaging the document, since it should not be torn. The document should be packed very properly and labeled properly so that it reaches the location on time. The business of courier companies is growing day-by-day since there are no. of users who use this service. The fact that courier service delivery is made on time, this makes it easier for the users to depend on this service

    Role of packaging: Packaging plays a very important role in delivering of items.
    1) Safety- the documents or items which are sent by courier have to be ensured that they are safely packed. Security of the documents is the most important factor while delivering them. You have to make sure that your parcel is packed properly and it is not opened from any side
    2) Correct choice of envelop-While sending your business documents, you have to make sure that you have used cardboard envelop which won’t tear easily and it is protected from physical damage.
    3) Water proof packaging: due to weather conditions, there are times when your parcel can be damaged thus, water proof packaging is suggested in such cases so that the products/documents are not damaged and the parcel is reached at proper location on time.
    4) Courier bags: Several companies have introduced courier bags. These bags are very easy to carry. These are mostly used by online retailers. Since, online shopping has grown over the years the online retailers are giving more importance on packaging. Companies are investing their money on packaging so that they can come up with different forms of packaging.
    5) Seal: Seal of package is very important while delivering of the documents/products. The dual seal on the packets makes the buyers who have bought products online can return it back using another seal. Buyers can return the products if they are not satisfied with the product quality and exchange the product.
    6) Address: This plays a very important role while sending your parcel is not delivered to the given location, the parcel can be returned back to your location. Even for the online retailers the return address has helped them in delivery of the parcel.
    Package handling:
    Handling of package of courier properly is important. Time is one factor which acts as a constraint, the courier companies have to make sure that the parcel should reach on time. There has to be smooth processing of critical transports. Different kinds of packs have been introduced so that the items which are transported are not damaged in any way. For bulk items, there are huge boxes. These boxes have to be labeled properly so that the consignment is reached at proper location. There is lot of competition faced by the courier companies since there is no. of companies who are into this business. These courier companies are facing competition from their rivals. Those companies who have used the latest technology in packaging, the use of labels, and the time critical transports have succeeded in business than compared to those who are unable to meet the demands of the customers. Moreover, the customers these days have become very demanding, In order to meet the demands of the customers, their needs and tastes it is very important for the courier companies to come up with new ideas on their packaging materials, even the time of delivery of products, the materials used for packaging and many other things have to be kept in mind while delivering the parcel.