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starting startup as a full time job manager

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    August 15, 2014 12:22 PM EDT
    I have a specific idea – I plan to organize startup but I plan to stay on my full time job.
    I know that there is many difficulties behind me, many people said that it will not work. But I don’t want to cancel my carreer.

    I have a few great ideas, a lot of experience in business. I know that I could dedicate couple of hours daily to monitor business, to manage staff, to control company.

    I know that incubators or venture founds like clear situation: 2 unemployed people, without any jobs, problems, ready to dedicate 120 % their time for current project.

    But I am looking for solution that I could combine another partner, without job, so our company will include 2 partners:
    Partner A – me. I am owner of idea and whole concept. I am finding right partner (partner B ) ready to participate in that project.

    Partner B – is taking some small salary agreed with Venture Capital, is ready to meet clients, is ready to work everyday between 9-5 pm .

    Partner A – is rather like good mentor, like shareholder, participate in some most important meetings, sign most important agreements.

    Of course we could engage for example partner C.

    My questions:
    1. Where can I find such business models ?
    2. How to create such company ?
    3. How to organize profit share, company shares, maybe some stock options (called “put” or “call” ) ?
    4. How to effective “sell” such model to Venture Capital to gain capital ?
    5. My questions concerns also my colleges in business. Having good model I would be able to propose them to release their ideas for startup. If they know they will earn or will be shareholder of such company, they will share their ideas. How to find such model of business ?

    I will be grateful for any links or comments

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    November 10, 2014 5:46 PM EST
    Sorry, but i think your questions illustrate that you really have a lot to learn about starting a business. You should start by reading some basic books about how small businesses / venture startups are structured.