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Multiple Investors for Acceleration of

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    July 21, 2014 3:22 PM EDT
    My company is S4TC Inc., it operates I have experience in creative services, and am familiar with the business model of pornographic profit services. I am creating a tangible and intangible MEGANETWORK. I am exhausting my individual financial resources. Although I am hesistant to give a portion of this company away, I figured the benefits of acceleration would greatly increase the profit margin.

    We are not using popups, and it is being upgraded everyday to appeal to consumers more and more. Our target market is anyone who surfs the internet for porn (over 1 billion) and the logo also allows for recognition from a non-computer based audience. The site is not yet marketed. Therefore, there are only expenses not profit.

    I am looking for someone(s) who wants to invest to shoot the content in multiple countries around the world, to book pornstars from around the world for multiple sites and scenes. Financial startup capital would also be used to create tangible sources of income, and other sites, upon which, would be negotiated in contracting.

    The base of the company will and always will be merchandise and free porn. The site is growing everyday, and I’m sure some of you (the one’s unhappy with their wives lol) will use it more than once. The acceleration of tangible and intangible properties will greatly increase the profit margin.

    I am looking for this in the United Kingdom because the United States contains a lot of conservative “bimbos” and “wankers”, but no one wants to be king of the wankers.

    I am looking for maximum of $250,000 US Dollars (There are room for multiple investors to reach $250,000 and more investment options to even further accelerate profit)., but options ranging from $5,000, $25,000, $50,000, and $100,000. My attorney and your attorney would be present to discuss contracting. I am offering a ROI of 50% over the course of 5 years or a small portion of the company.

    All of this can be done on credit. If you are interested, please email with a description of your assets, how much you would be interested in investing (minimum $5,000) qualifications, where you are from and why you want to invest and I will share more details.

    The site is just going to keep on growing, regardless if you invest or not, just remember that. Have a niceday.