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Improving the website of the Cleaners in Tunbridge Wells

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    July 2, 2014 1:50 PM EDT
    Hey, I know you are all busy, but I am looking for some help on the newly built website of the Cleaners in Tunbridge. I need advice on two points:
    1. from visitor perspective, what do you expect to see on a website offering cleaning services?
    2. from SEO standpoint, do you think the website could rank first page for Cleaners in Tunbridge Walls?

    I would gladly take any advice and implement it as soon as possible. The thing is I got a bit stuck in the cleaning niche, as this is not the first site of this kind I work on. I've asked for suggestions from other users, and you've always managed to help me. This is why I keep coming to Startup Nation - you are great guys and gals.

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