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new builder projects

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    July 1, 2014 7:01 AM EDT
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    The first thing to note is the reputation of the builder and his background.

    The builder needs to have done some earlier projects and be well versed with development.

    The builder is to have all the necessary and relevant documents and license to carry on with the work. As a matter of fact, the work of the builder project needs to go on smoothly with no interruptions from any side.

    The builder should have obtained all the necessary permissions from the appropriate government authorities for constructing the apartments and to provide the necessary facilities. Permission related to approval of plans, electricity connection, water etc. needs to be perfect and match all legal requirements, so that the owners can be hassle-free in the future.

    The builder is to have good rapport with the local departments to ensure smooth progress of work.

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    All the materials that are used in the new builder projects in Chennai should be of very high quality and as advertised to the customers.

    The soil should be tested by the concerned department and certified to prove that the construction can carried out and the land supports such construction.

    The new builder projects in Chennai need to have tie-ups with reputed financial institutions and banks to provide financial assistance to those customers who are interested to purchase apartments, but hesitate due to shortage of finance.

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