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10 Must have features of Document Management Software

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    June 23, 2014 8:53 AM EDT
    There are many document management systems with various features. The need for sorting and organizing folders and files is now bigger than ever. New technologies comes up every day and offer plenty possibilities for the users. With so many choices, the decision makers are baffled and often overlook the essence of Document Management System. The essence for an organization is to be able to preserve, define, store, index, update and explore legacy or the newly produced organization knowledge.

    To achieve that a decent document management system should have the following features:

    Web access: Since we are in the era of internet, users must have access to their files from everywhere! So a web based document management system is important for fast and easy access to files and folders
    Search: Each user has many files and must be able to search them really fast by using only few letters of what his looking for.
    Drag n’ drop: Quickly drag n’ drop files from your desktop into the document management system is a time efficient utility
    Embedded viewer: No need to download any file to your desktop. Quick open and edit your files online
    Versioning: Another important functionality of a document management system is the storing of previous file versions, the ability to restore them and of course to see owner and upload date/time!
    File Locking: Lock is a great way of blocking the modification of files. If you lock a file, no-one else can move, edit, delete this file until the user who had locked it, unlock it.
    Sharing and rating: A great document management system should give the ability to share any folder or file with your team, or specific users and be able to rate its value.
    Files and folders rights: In a document management system there must be the possibility to define who has access to the folders and the files but also must define the editing rights, so not all users can modify specific files
    Document linking: The document management system must offer the ability to link document to document for better organizing of files and also link the document with any other relevant object inside the platform
    Inform mechanism: Notify other users about any file or folder update with direct notification messages through your document management system