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License Management. X-Formation License Statistics

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    June 17, 2014 7:44 AM EDT
    License Statistics is a web-based tool that monitors,
    processes, and produces reports on software license
    usage to help you make smarter business decisions, and
    trim your software costs even up to 30%.

    With its intuitive UI, rock-solid stability, and support for
    over 15 license managers, License Statistics is an
    advanced solution that will give you full control over your
    company’s license usage.

    Optimize Your License Usage

    Access license usage data
     Gain insight into the deployment of licenses
     Discover areas for potential savings
     Make sensible software decisions
     Reduce software costs up to 30%
     Improve your company’s productivity and ROI


    License Statistics is designed to be easy to use by everyone a
    few minutes is all it takes to get it up and running, and it doesn’t
    require 3rd party software to run. You can monitor and gather
    statistics for license usage in real-time or import existing data.


    License Statistics supports more than 15 license managers,
    including industry leaders such as LM-X, FlexNet, Sentinel
    RMS, and IBM LUM.


    We give you one-on-one attention to ensure your issues are
    resolved quickly. We also offer many support resources, such
    as our Knowledgebase, how-to guides, Issue Tracking System
    and online documentation.


    License Statistics reports target the usage details you need to
    stay on top of, including: Current Users, Usage Per Feature,
    Usage Per User, Realtime Utilization, Expiring Features, and
    many other.

    Contact Us

    Get a Software Sale Representative to call
    you, sign up for an online webinar, or simply contact us:
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    June 2, 2015 9:17 AM EDT
    Find more information about our licensing products in our webpage