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Startup Opportunity

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    June 3, 2014 7:00 PM EDT
    My name is Allen Duoji and I am a young entrepreneur that is looking forward to help and develop start-ups in the United States. I am currently running an electronic restoration firm partnered with the U.S. Cellular stores in Milwaukee Wisconsin. However the business will be taken over because I have decided that I want to start a new project this summer. I am looking for a start-up with potential also with dedicated entrepreneurs.

    I am more of an equity worker over money because I dedicate my full effort into the business working for the long-term return. In addition, due to some family reasons I do not have a permanent staying for the summer thus I am willing to work for free if there is a place for me to crash for the summer.

    This is My Linkedln page :

    Please contact me if you see me as an asset to you in any kind of way 414 – 614- 5627