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How to draw Clients

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    June 1, 2014 1:19 PM EDT
    Our website, which brings almost 100 Graphic Designers together with businesses needing logos, redesigned logos and other branding designs has a no shortage of designers, as I stated. However, no matter what we are trying, getting new clients seems to be more of a challenge. We have less than a shoestring budget at the moment, and are doing whatever we can do to increase our SEO and visibility through free websites and even Craigs List. We are not overpriced, based on what other Graphic Designers are charging and bring MUCH more experience and concepts to the table. Any suggestions?
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    June 6, 2014 4:12 AM EDT
    To grow a marketplace, it is usually about the hustle in contacting every potential supplier and consumer individually.

    I'll focus on the consumer side of the equation since you already have the supplier part sorted.

    Instead of posting about your website, contact every business that is looking for designers online, be it on Craigslist, forums or freelance websites. It's all about the hustle. A marketplace like yours is usually more appealing than the platforms above since a business can pick and choose the design they like most and pay for it.

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    September 11, 2014 2:15 AM EDT
    Have you tried odesk and elance? There are businesses there that are looking for graphic artists
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    September 25, 2014 3:04 AM EDT
    SEO would be a good strategy. However, it should be done properly as Google algorithms can strike you anytime. On the other hand, I would suggest to make use of social media to widen the exposure of your company. Producing helpful contents that are related to your niche can definitely the attention of your potential clients.
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    November 3, 2014 9:38 PM EST
    Hello Wyldblu,

    I understand the struggles of being in a situation wherein there's scarcity of clients especially when your business offers services instead of products. Look for other market portal, as what garysvpa mentioned, odesk is a great place where you can find these clients. Join graphic designers forums, there are a lot of people posts jobs looking for designers to do projects. Also, create an account on Behance, Pinterest, IG, etc., show off the skills of your team by posting quality samples. Lastly, reach out businesses within your locality. You can implement offline marketing, handing out business cards & catalogs to business owners who needs the kind of services you offer.
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    November 6, 2014 5:43 AM EST
    You can join groups on Linkedin. There are many business people who could be interested in your service.