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    May 13, 2014 6:14 AM EDT
    Earlier this year 2014, it was reported by some

    boxing news sites that Miguel Cotto, with a

    current record of 38 wins and 4 losses where 31

    of which are through knock outs, wants to fight

    Canelo Alvarez, however, Saul Alvarez is now

    scheduled for a fight to Alfredo Angulo on March

    8, 2014 at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. Their

    fight will be the first pay per view in the field

    of boxing to be aired in HBO this year.
    After that it was announced and confirmed, Miguel

    Cotto looked for alternatives to whom he can

    fight with and he was able to choose Sergio

    Martinez, who currently holds a record of 51 wins

    and 2 losses and Miguel Cotto made the right

    decision in picking up the best opponent. He

    knows that he can sell this fight against

    Martinez and he knows it will sell more if

    another famous boxer will be on their under card.

    Andre Ward is now planned to be on their under


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    which will be on June 7th at Madison Square

    Garden, New York City, NY, USA.

    If you can’t go to Madison Square to watch the

    fight between Martinez vs Cotto for some reasons,

    then it would not be a problem anymore. It is

    because you can now watch the fight from your

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    See you all on the fight night.