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Renting a tent for a trade fair

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    April 18, 2014 5:58 PM EDT
    Hello guys,

    I just joined here so please excuse this post, if its in the wrong space (I didn't get an answer where to put in my other thread).

    So my company is invited to a huge trade fair and I am planning the whole thing. I found out that we definitely need a tent, because the fair is in october and held outside, so nobody knows how the weather will be.

    So I basically need every advice I can get about the whole topic, because I am really not into it yet. There are so many providers for tents, I am really confused. I found those guys, who actually offer tents especially for trade fairs:

    But I am not sure if I really need something THAT professional. It does look cool, but I have no clue about the costs. I guess there isn't anybody who has actually heard of them, is there? Can you recommend other providers?

    Thanks already!

    Best, John
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