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solutions to importing issues needed

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    April 16, 2014 6:17 PM EDT
    What are some solutions to the following issues:

    1. Sometimes I'll order 100 items of a certain product and when I ask my supplier are you 100% sure you have sent all 100 pieces, he will say Yes Yes. But when it arrives I realize he has only sent 60... So when I ask him why he only sent 60 he will just say don't worry i'll send you the remaining 40 pieces next week. (He does usually send me the remaining pieces eventually but I hate when he does this because I need to plan accordingly and my money gets stuck with him for longer than expected)

    2. Sometimes my supplier will say he has sent me my full order already by air. So when I ask him for AWB, commercial invoice & packing list he makes excuses and keeps re assuring me my order has been shipped and it will arrive soon. An air shipment shouldn't take longer than a week. Then after 2 or 3 weeks he'll send me the paperwork so I think if he sent me this it must be shipped out by now. So I send it to my customs broker but he says it is not trackable and probably hasn't even left their country. Then my supplier will dissappear for a week or so and then again say it has already been shipped even though there is no tracking. And then eventually I do receive my order but after tons of lies. I just need to know the truth of when it will arrive. I need a solution to this issue.

    3. Another issue I have faced recently is my supplier had always told me the product i was buying from him was made from hemp fabric. So I recently had lab tests done on the fabric and the results showed it was in fact a cotton/poly blend. My supplier wouldn't tell me the truth even after asking for the truth from him many times. So now I have sent him the lab results and he knows the truth but now I ordered a similar product from him and asked what is the exact blend of the fabric and he just tells me, tell me what you want me to put on the tag and that is what I will put. So I again ask him to please tell me the exact fabric blend since he says he makes these fabrics so he should know, but again he just says "Just tell me what to put on the tags and I will put". So now not sure what to do? I need to be 100% sure of the fabric blends that I order from him.

    These are some issues that have been killing me. If anyone has some insight on how to resolve these importing issues for me please share! I would really appreciate it!