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    April 9, 2014 4:38 PM EDT

    The time has finally come.  Your business attire is GQ worthy.  You’ve practiced in the mirrors for hours delivering the perfect Colgate smile.  You bugged your father to drill you with interview questions and help you perfect a firm yet equally steady handshake and guess what?  You nailed it all.  You’re ALMOST ready to start applying.   

    Before Applying for a Job Try This…

    1.  SEO Your Resume


    The job force has changed.  Ever hear of a thing called ATS?  It stands for Applicant Tracking System.  I prefer the title given by Mike Glezos from SEO Your Resume: EVIL HR Software.  It BLOCKS 72% of ALL resumes submitted.   

    Why is this important? 


    Seo Your Resume is priced at $19 and offers readers a 50% off discount with the coupon code “ResumeSEO50.”  Within an hour you’ll cover the perfect Word .DOC resume template, SEO checklists, learn about Black Hat SEO, SEO for LinkedIn and more.


    SEO Your Resume’s objective is to ensure your resume will never be blocked by ATS again. They accomplish this by teaching you how to build a Super-SEO Resume from start to finish.

    2.  Review Your Social Media


    Everything is online now.  From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram there is no escaping it.  Odds are you’re on one or more likely several of these social media platforms.  Is everything on there something you’d feel comfortable with a potential boss liking?

    Why is this important?


    The fact is YOU are not the only person on Social Media.  People in HR LIVE on these platforms.  It’s the new trend for recruiters to jump on LinkedIn and learn about you before setting up an interview. 


    Dress the part.  Lockdown your Facebook, delete those posts you don’t want getting out and make sure you’ve spelled check your LinkedIn. 

    3.  Tailor Your Cover Letter


    Companies want to know they’re interviewing a well-balanced person – not a robot.  Take the time to tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for. 

    Why is this important?


    Applying for a job is a lot like online dating.  A generic intro message will be ignored.  Typos will cause you to be blown off.  Writing a copy and paste “Let’s grab an Interview” message doesn’t fly.


    HR reads thousands of these messages.  They’ve seen it all.  What you want it to be precise, clear, talk about the company and relate it to your experiences and why you would be a good fit for them. 



    You have to put in the extra work.  It’s not going to be easy.  It’ll take money, time and energy.  But in the end IT WILL pay off.  These steps will give you the edge to land that dream job.       


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