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Startign idea for new business

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    April 2, 2014 12:40 PM EDT


    I found then I have a time and I always wants to have my own product, which I can sell online. I googled and read some blogs about starting business, and I found then most of the succesful business have clients before then start business, so they have idea.


    Right now I have a problems then I dont' have any idea about the business. I have some limitation, such as:

    I am .NET developer, so the business should be something I can create using .NET

    I believe it should be some kind of service which I can sell to big companies (subscription around $300 /month)

    Probably it can be related to social media (twitter, facebook) or marketing (my product should help them sell there products)

    I have money, so I don't need investment

    I also have time on the weekends and evenings (I plan to work along at least in the beginning)


    But that's it, I don't really have idea what the business should be.


    Can you suggest, is it any website where I can get/buy ideas? Where usually people like you get your ideas?




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    July 18, 2014 11:49 PM EDT
    The Biggest Threat to your online success is not a lack of resources or information.
    You have everything you need.....
    It’s a problem that’s recently surfaced in the last decade or so, and that is:
    An absolute abundance of choice. Think about the last time you walked in to the
    cereal section at your local supermarket.
    Or the toothpaste section.
    Or the toilet paper section.

    Do you really need 200 varieties to choose from?

    In internet marketing, it’s much, much worse.
    You’ve got systems and product launches being rammed down your throat every day.

    Thousands of ‘gurus’ are claiming they have the secret… and millions of ideas and pieces of advice
    floating around. Unfortunately most of it is worthless.
    By the way, Guru is the most abused word in internet marketing industry.
    It used to mean something… but now just about anyone with a domain name gives themselves
    the title. And don’t even get me started on all the systems out there...

    Some of them promise 100% commissions
    (though when you look closer, they’re actually more like 90%,
    since they don’t tell you about merchant fees, etc)
    Some promise push-button ease.
    And others promise you can quit your job next week...

    Leverage The RIGHT System To Win

    Have you wondered why success to some people always looks so easy?
    And why some people work much less but make much more…?
    I’ll reveal that secret to you now:

    One Word – LEVERAGE.

    No one person can do all the work himself. That’s why success people understand
    the power of LEVERAGE. You can leverage time, money, skills, talents, connections,
    almost everything once you have a right system in place. And the cool thing is you don’t
    even need to create a system yourself. How?

    Same One Word: LEVERAGE.

    That’s why when I discovered the right system everything
    became easier and easier for me in life.

    Pasha Group would love to help you.

    Have Great Day, Your Deserve It.


    Pasha Rana
    Founder & C.E.O at Pasha Group