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Looking for early adopters for an online marketing platform

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    March 26, 2014 8:45 AM EDT

    Hi boys and girls :)


    We are a start-up developing a new platform that allows your customers to recommend your business and product, thus gaining more social awareness and more sales.


    We are searching for SMBs to be our early adopters, spread the word about your great business, help us make the platform better and be part of something exciting and new. 


    We are looking for SMBs with brick and mortar locations (online business will be our next step, but you are more than welcomed to contact us and let us know what are your needs) that are willing to give some sort of a small benefit to their customers.


    Of course our early adopters will get lots of perks from us ;)


    Check us out at:


    Drop us a line at:


    Thanks a lot for your help!!!


    Have a great day :)