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I need your opinion on a partnership

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    March 25, 2014 2:29 AM EDT

    Hello everybody. I just started a website in Italy, magazine and interesting content sharing, quite new for the market. I don't have much budget to get traffic.

    I know a person who has A LOT of facebook pages, websites, and can drive a lot of traffic to grow the website quick. he also has very good deal with google so the advertise will be better.


    He offer me to be the exclusive curator of the website, and get 30% of the total of advertising revenue, but i will lose the ownership of website.

    He say that the domain should be moved in his company. He has many sucesfull website and he made a lot of money, so i don't know if is better to take this fast way, or keep my website and do the ahrd work to get traffic and advertising deal....