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financial Shark or Angel wanted $180K

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    March 1, 2014 4:51 PM EST

    Company Seeking Investor to Launch us bigger
    We are Seeking 180K for 2% equity, or high-interest loan, or you co-sign loan.

    Contact me call 414-235-two nine zero four
    or see my Squidoo page to get information faster:

    Willing to do up to 10% stake in company for 750K.
    Company will be VERY profitable within 6 months.
    2% will bring you $760,000 per year
    10% will bring you $3.8 Million per year

    This company started 2006, has put 100K profits back into company, is launching into first large Phase.

    He has no NO DEBT; he has no collateral; he has credit score 650 because he has no credit card.

    The company is located in FL, I am in WI, and company will expand into other states including WI.

    We cannot consider less than 180K because it would not be enough to do the launch.