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I'm developing a site and would love some advice

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    February 24, 2014 3:05 PM EST

    Hey everyone, thanks for dropping in on the discussion. I’m Emile, and I’m majoring in computer science at USC. My friend and I are developing a site where home remedies can be collected, organized, and reviewed by users.

    Our primary goal is to make the process of searching for home remedies more efficient and safer for our users. The internet is replete with great home remedies and potentially dangerous remedies. We plan on implementing a rating system where both everyday users and health specialists can rate and discuss the efficacy and safety of submitted home remedies.

    While we encourage every user to seek medical care first, not everyone consults a doctor for every minor ailment they experience. So we provide them with a safer platform than what they might find elsewhere on the internet.

    We’ve been working day-in day-out to help this project come to fruition and we would like your help.

    So far, we’ve been collecting remedies from health specialists, who can promote their practice by posting on our site. Starting now, we want to open the floor tonon-specialists who can contribute remedies. We are primarily looking for remedies addressing

    • headaches

    • acne

    • sunburn

    • rashes and itching from spring allergies

    • nasal congestion from spring allergies

    We are also open to any other remedies you may have, but our main priority is to collect remedies dealing with the above five ailments.

    In the end, we hope this site can act as a centralized hub that organizes the wide array of home remedies dispersed across the internet and subjects those remedies to critical review for user safety.

    I would love to hear what you have to say about the project and it’s potential impact. Would you use it for a nasty headache? Would you submit a remedy or review that has worked for you?

    At the moment, our primary task is collecting remedies, so if you have any remedies you’d like to contribute please fill out this form

    Your help would go a long way in moving this idea forward.

    Thanks everyone, have a great day.

  • March 4, 2014 10:06 PM EST

    Hi Emile, 


    This sounds like a great idea for a website, especially given what seems to be a growing trend towards homeopathy. I agree that a large risk for you seems to be the potential for dangerous recommendations from non-specialists. Although many people swear by herbal remedies, the wrong mixture of home ingredients can have detrimental effects.


    Do you have a system for filtering additions to the website before the "recipes" are posted? Perhaps pulling in another student - studying pharma or medicine - could be a worthwhile addition. Or just plan to take the time to research these remedies prior to posting to make sure there are no ill-side effects.


    Best of luck with the website!  

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    March 21, 2014 10:35 AM EDT

    Hey guys,


    we are Fabian and Ivan from Hamburg, Germany and try to realize our lifetime dream through Kickstarter (Crowd funding).

    In fact we dislike self-promotion in terms of spam but in our current position there is no other possibility and otherwise we can bury our lifetime dream.

    Our plan is to found a new fashion brand. Fashion means to us shoes, fragrances for him and her and headphones. Our marketing-concept is based on promotion through celebrities. In the past it was possible to us to get a good connection to popular people. There onto we want to open a store in Los Angeles, Hollywood to emphasize the elegance and exclusivity.

    For our big plan we need 3.5Mio € to be competitive on the international market. In this cause we published our intentions on Kickstarter to get our project financed through crowd funding.

    It would be awesome if you support us. Every euro brings us further and of course we have little considerations for you helping us.

    We got after 12 hours almost 12.000€.

    We thank you with all our heart and you can have a look at the following link:


    Best regards,

    Fabian and Ivan