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Ecommerece tool for developing repair tickets?

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    February 17, 2014 11:02 PM EST

    I have an idea for a specialized repair buisness that would require a customer prepay to send me a broken part and I would then fix it and send it back to them. Basically the repair itself would only take 2-3 minutes to do but would be done on a $10K machine and I would hope to charge $30-40 to do said repair.


    Think of this like a custom drycleaning buisness, where you would mail them in your stuff to have cleaned, they would clean it and ship back.


    At any rate to really work I would need this to be pretty well automated by software. Ideally the person would take a picture of their item, and or draw up a sketch of it. They would go to my website and buy a shipping label to my shop, as well as most likely also prepay or at least place a deposit on the shipping back from my shop.


    Next my website would print out a job ticket that they would include in the box. I would log into my computer verify I was paid, preform the repair, and then ship back to them with them covering the shipping of course.


    I have found a whole variety of off the shelf solutions that setup online stores, but most of those seem geared towards selling your inventory. This is a little different as I need to generate a custom ticket, and track your part from the time you order till it returns to you.


    Does anyone know of a good tool to set this up with or would I need something custom? I am rather new to this whole ecommerece thing so looking for some ideas on how to move forward.


    Any ideas on what such a thing would cost? Or good platforms to use to develop this?