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How to become a VIP member at d3buyer?

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    June 23, 2013 4:23 PM EDT

    And te became the VIP, you will share the previllege of D3 gold discount in

    • 4 posts
    June 23, 2013 4:20 PM EDT
    No matter in reality life or in the virtual game world, become a VIP member you can enjoy lots of privilege and profits, so how to become a VIP member for Diablo 3 gold at d3buyer within a short time?

      Member level

      All the customers at d3buyer will be divided into three, the register member, general member and VIP member. It’s obvious that all the customers who has registered at d3buyer will automatically become register member without integration. Players who has 1-500 integration, will level to general member, and the integration surpass 500 will become VIP member at d3buyer.

      Integrating System

      1. All the member log in d3buyer will get one integration.

      2. Take part in the writing and drawing competition about Diablo 3 will have to get 1-10 integration. Generally speaking, top one will get 10 points, and top 2 for 5 points and top 3 only one point.

      3. Make an order at d3buyer. For now, 5M Diablo 3 gold for one point, and of course, the more Diablo 3 gold do you buy, the more points will you get.

      4. Active in the interact activity. Leave us message about our service, strategy to share with other players, suggestion for better shopping experience at d3buyer, once your message is adopt, we will reward you with corresponding points.

      VIP privilege

      All the VIP member at d3buyer can take all the orders with 5% off, no matter for Diablo 3 gold, items and power leveling. Every week, VIP member will have 100% to get the free Diablo 3 gold discount coupon, you can exchange it with 5M Diablo 3 gold directly, or use it make an order with 2% more off. Every month, d3buyer will held activities only for VIP members, such as Wheel of Fortune. The winning rate is as high as 75%, the prize will be Diablo 3 gold, Echoing Fury, legendary rings or some other popular items. To this, you can leave us your suggestion