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Team Equity: Hot or Not for Early Investors?

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    January 29, 2014 1:13 PM EST

    With our software start-up we currently have a decision to make: share equity with certain members of our team or not?


    We hope this community could provide us with some points of view!?


    Sharing ( a limited amount of ) equity with teammembers, in our opinion, is good for two things

    1. Lowering start-up development costs (pay less, give equity)
    2. Envoking long-term commitment and an overall sense of ownership of the teammember

    However, recently we asked ourselves the question: How do angel investors or VC's look at this?


    Will they embrace the fact that they can now invest into a larger team?


    Will they be repelled by having a larger amount of different people holding equity?


    We welcome all point of views, personal experiences and tips to deal with this issue!


    Kind regards,



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