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Need to Change LLC Name!?!?!?!!?

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    January 22, 2014 7:03 PM EST



    I'm new to this forum. I recently formed an LLC in VA. I found that there is another LLC with the same name in MD (formed before mine). We do similar services, although not quite the same. I do tech writing/editing, the other company does freelance copywriting.


    I am interested in applying for federal contracts though, so I don't want ANY issues. I would like to apply for a DUNS, CAGE #, etc.


    I should also note that the only thing I've done is file the article of org. with the state and worked on a website. I haven't registered an EIN, created bank accounts, or anything else.


    What is the best option for me to resolve this? Should I:


    a)dissolve this LLC and file for a separate one with a new name

    b)try to amend the name of this LLC (since I haven't done anything with it yet)

    c)use a separate DBA name (i read about this but am uncertain as to how that works exactly in this case and the legal ramifications later).


    I appreciate any feedback.